Delicious Chocolate Trifle Recipe For St. Patrick’S Day

I’m so excited to share this delicious St. Paddy’s Day Chocolate Trifle recipe with you! This is one of my all-time favorite desserts to make for special occasions, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. The combination of creamy chocolate pudding, fresh whipped cream, and crumbled chocolate cookies is simply divine. I know your taste buds will be delighted! Let’s get started and whip up this decadent treat!

St. Paddy’s Day Chocolate Trifle Recipe

Prep Time

60 mins

Total Time

60 mins


3 servings

St. Paddy's Day Chocolate Trifle


  • 3 cups semisweet chocolate pieces
  • 1/2 cup Irish whiskey
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup mascarpone cheese
  • 3/4 cup crushed shortbread cookies
  • 1/2 cup mini marshmallows
  • 1/4 cup chopped milk chocolate pieces
  • 1/4 cup chopped white chocolate pieces
  • 1/4 cup chopped pistachios
  • 3 tablespoons dark chocolate sauce
  • 3 tablespoons chopped mint leaves


  • Hey there! Are you looking for a delicious treat to make for St. Patrick’s Day? Look no further! This St. Paddy’s Day Chocolate Trifle is sure to be a hit! Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Ingredients:
  • cups semisweet chocolate pieces
  • /2 cup Irish whiskey
  • cup heavy cream
  • /2 cup granulated sugar
  • /4 cup mascarpone cheese
  • /4 cup crushed shortbread cookies
  • /2 cup mini marshmallows
  • /4 cup chopped milk chocolate pieces
  • /4 cup chopped white chocolate pieces
  • /4 cup chopped pistachios
  • tablespoons dark chocolate sauce
  • tablespoons chopped mint leaves
  • Let’s get started!
  • In a medium bowl, combine the semisweet chocolate pieces and Irish whiskey. Microwave for about 1 minute, or until the chocolate softens.
  • In a medium saucepan, heat the heavy cream, stirring constantly until it starts to bubble. Add the sugar and stir until it is completely dissolved.
  • Remove the saucepan from the heat and add the chocolate mixture. Stir until it is completely blended.
  • In a medium bowl, combine the mascarpone cheese, crushed shortbread cookies, mini marshmallows, milk chocolate pieces, white chocolate pieces, and pistachios.
  • In a trifle bowl, layer the chocolate mixture and the mascarpone mixture, repeating until the bowl is almost full.
  • Drizzle the dark chocolate sauce and sprinkle the chopped mint leaves over the top.
  • Refrigerate for at least one hour before serving.
  • There you have it! Your St. Paddy’s Day Chocolate Trifle is ready for you to enjoy! Get the family together and indulge in this sweet treat!
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Nutrition Facts

  • Calories: 754
  • Fat: 47.5g
  • Carbohydrates: 63.7g
  • Protein: 11.7g
  • Sodium: 212mg
  • Sugars: 52.3g

What makes st. paddy’s day special and why should you celebrate it with a delicious chocolate trifle?

St. Paddy’s Day is an incredible time of year and celebrating it with a delicious chocolate trifle just adds to the fun! There’s no better way to get into the spirit of the holiday than by enjoying a decadent trifle that combines rich chocolate with light and airy texture.

The history of St. Patrick’s Day dates back centuries, and the holiday has since become a beloved celebration of Irish heritage and culture. From traditional parades and festivals to festive clothing and decorations, St. Patrick’s day is full of celebration and fun.

One of the hallmarks of St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional Irish food. The classic Irish meal includes corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, and other traditional dishes, but why not switch things up and enjoy a chocolate trifle instead? A chocolate trifle is a classic and delicious dessert that combines all the flavors of St. Patrick’s Day. From the smooth, rich chocolate to the crunchy, buttery topping, a chocolate trifle is sure to hit the spot.

To make the trifle extra special, you can add a few festive touches. For example, you can top it off with a sprinkling of green-tinted coconut or decorate with green-and-white-striped candy canes. Whatever you choose to add, the delicious combination of chocolate and festive spirit will make it a hit!

So if you’re looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a unique and delicious way, look no further than a delicious chocolate trifle. It’s all the fun of the traditional Irish holiday with a sweet, decadent twist.

What tips and tricks can you use to make sure your chocolate trifle is extra delicious?

Make sure you start off with a delicious chocolate cake base. You can make your own or use a store-bought mix. Either way, the cake needs to be moist and fluffy.

  • Use a rich and creamy custard to give your trifle the perfect texture. For a St. Patrick’s Day twist, you can use a Bailey’s Irish Cream custard or just a regular custard.
  • Layer your trifle with fruit, chocolate, and other tasty treats. You can use a variety of different fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, and kiwis. You can also add some chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, and other goodies for a chocolatey kick.
  • Let the trifle set in the fridge for at least an hour before serving. This will ensure that all the layers are nice and firm and the flavors are blended together perfectly.
  • Top off your trifle with a rich chocolate ganache for an extra-decadent finish.
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What kinds of ingredients do you need to make a delicious chocolate trifle for st. paddy’s day?

Making a delicious chocolate trifle for St. Paddy’s Day is a snap! You’ll need some basic ingredients that you can pick up at your local grocery store. Here’s a list of the items you’ll need to whip up this treat:

  • Chocolate cake mix
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Vegetable oil
  • Instant chocolate pudding mix
  • Cool Whip
  • Chocolate chips
  • Whipped cream

You’ll also need a few items to decorate the trifle with. Green food coloring for the pudding and Cool Whip, some green sprinkles, and a few shamrock shaped candy pieces all make great additions.

Once you have all the ingredients, you’re ready to get started! Start by making the cake according to the instructions on the box. Once the cake has cooled, you can assemble the trifle. Layer the cake pieces with the pudding, Cool Whip, and whipped cream in a large trifle bowl. Top with chocolate chips, food coloring, and green sprinkles. Finally, add the shamrock candy pieces to give your trifle a festive St. Paddy’s Day look. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

How easy is it to make a chocolate trifle for st. paddy’s day?

Making a chocolate trifle for St. Paddy’s Day is incredibly easy! All you need is some basic ingredients, a few minutes of your time, and some creative flair. With these simple steps, you can make a delicious trifle that everyone will love.

To make a chocolate trifle, you’ll need chocolate cake or brownies, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream. You can use store-bought ingredients or make them from scratch – whatever suits your needs. Cut the brownies or cake into small cubes and spread them in the bottom of a trifle bowl. Top that layer with a layer of pudding, followed by a layer of whipped cream. Repeat these layers as many times as you like, or until you have used all the ingredients.

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To make your trifle extra festive, you can add a few drops of green food colouring to the whipped cream. This will give it a lovely green hue that’s perfect for St. Paddy’s Day. You can also add Irish cream liqueur to the chocolate pudding to give it a boozy kick. Top the trifle off with some grated chocolate, a few chocolate chips, and a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

Making a chocolate trifle for St. Paddy’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With a few simple ingredients, a few minutes of your time, and some creative flair, you can make a delicious trifle that everyone will love. So get out your trifle bowl and get ready to start creating – it’s time to make the perfect St.

What other fun ways can you celebrate st. paddy’s day with a chocolate trifle?

Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with a chocolate trifle is already a fun and delicious way to enjoy the festivities, but there’s even more you can do to make the experience even more special! Here are some other creative and exciting ways to enjoy a St. Paddy’s Day themed trifle:

  • Make it festive – Add a few drops of green food coloring to your trifle and stir it through to give it a festive St. Paddy’s Day look. You could also add some green sprinkles on top for an extra dose of color.
  • Add a surprise element – Why not add a few drops of Irish whiskey or liqueur to the mix? It’ll add an extra layer of surprise in every bite!
  • Get creative with the presentation – Instead of serving the trifle in a bowl, why not get creative and serve it in a large shamrock-shaped glass dish? This will help to get everyone in the St. Paddy’s Day spirit!
  • Have a trifle-making competition – Gather your family and friends and have a trifle-making competition. Let each person make their own trifle and then taste test them at the end. You could even have a prize for the best trifle!

These are just a few ideas to help you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in a fun and creative way with a chocolate trifle.

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