Cocoa Apple Cake

This recipe for cocoa apple cake is the perfect way to enjoy the fall season. The apples are cooked in a spiced syrup and then layered with a rich chocolate cake. The result is a moist and flavorful cake that is sure to please any crowd.


  • 3 eggs, 2 cups brown sugar, 1 cup butter, softened, ½ cup water, 2 ¼ cups whole wheat flour, 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ground allspice, ½ cup semisweet chocolate chips or chunks, 2 cups grated apple (preferably a tart variety such as Granny Smith), 1 tablespoon vanilla extract


1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Grease and flour a 10 inch bundt or loose bottom tube pan.

2. In a large bowl, cream together the eggs, sugar, butter or margarine, and water until fluffy.

3. In another bowl, sift together the flour, cocoa, baking soda, and spices. Add the dry ingredients to the creamed mixture and mix well until evenly combined.

4. Fold in chocolate chips, apple chunks or slices, and vanilla extract into the batter until evenly distributed throughout. Spoon batter into prepared pan.

5 Cake will take 60 to 70 minutes to bake; test cake for doneness by inserting a toothpick or cake tester into center of cake – it should come out clean when cake is done baking through completely.. When finished baking remove from oven and let cool before serving.. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

  • Serving size: 1/12 of recipe (about 113g)
  • Calories: 273
  • Fat: 12.5g
  • Saturated fat: 7.3g
  • Unsaturated fat: 0g
  • Trans fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 97mg
  • Sodium: 260mg
  • Potassium: 86mg Carbohydrates: 37.6g Dietary fiber 2.4 g Sugar 22.7 g Protein 4,1 g
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Cocoa Apple Cake

What is the best apple for cake?

When it comes to picking the best apple for cake, you have a few different options. Bon Appetit says that Jonagold, Honeycrisp, Braeburn, Mutsu, Winesap, and Pink Lady (Cripps Pink) apples are all great choices for baking. However, they also frequently use Granny Smith apples in their recipes. The Kitchen prefers Granny Smith, Jonathan or Jonagold, Cortland, Braeburn, and Honeycrisp apples for cake.

So which apple should you choose? Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences. If you want a tart apple with a bit of sweetness, then Granny Smith is a good option. For a sweeter apple cake, go with Jonathan or Jonagold. And if you want an apple with a crisp texture that will hold up well in baking without turning mushy, Braeburn or Honeycrisp are both excellent choices.

What Apple is not good for baking?

The Red Delicious apple is not a good choice for baking. There are several reasons for this. First, the Red Delicious has a very soft flesh. When cooked, this flesh can turn to mush, making it difficult to get a nice, firm texture in your baked goods. Second, the Red Delicious has a very high water content. This means that when you bake with them, your applesauce or other filling will be much thinner and runnier than if you used a firmer apple variety. Finally, the flavor of the Red Delicious is not particularly well-suited to baking. It can be quite bland and one-dimensional, so it won’t add much interest to your final product.

So what qualities make up good cooking apples? For starters, you want an apple with a fairly firm flesh. This will help it hold its shape during cooking and prevent it from turning into mush. A higher water content can also be beneficial as it will produce a moister final product (just be sure to compensate by reducing any other liquid called for in your recipe). As far as flavor goes, you want an apple that will stand up to the heat of baking without becoming overpowered or muted.

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What Apple is good for eating and baking?

Fuji apples are among the most popular apples for eating fresh, as they are firm, crisp, and juicy. They are also great for baking, as they hold their shape when cooked.

Why is it called Dorset apple cake?

There are a few different theories as to why Dorset apple cake is called what it is. One theory is that the cake was created in the county of Dorset in England. Another theory is that the name comes from the fact that this type of cake uses a lot of apples (hence, “apple” cake). And finally, some people believe that the name simply comes from the fact that this particular recipe for apple cake originates from Dorset.

So which one of these theories is correct? Well, unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure. However, based on available evidence, it seems most likely that the first theory is correct – namely, that Dorset apple cake was created in the county of Dorset in England. This makes sense when you consider that most other counties in England have their own versions of apple cake (often with slightly different ingredients), but they don’t typically refer to them as “Dorset Apple Cake.” Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that this name specifically refers to the version of apple cake originating from Dorset.

Of course, this is just one theory and we may never know for sure why this particular type of apple cake came to be known as “Dorset Apple Cake.

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What is the best apple for baking a cake?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best apple for baking a cake. The first is the flavor of the apple. You want an apple that will complement the flavors in your cake, without overwhelming them. The second is the texture of the apple. You want an apple that will be tender and easy to bite into, but not so soft that it turns to mush when baked. And finally, you want an apple that will hold up well during baking, so it doesn’t turn into a pile of applesauce in your cake.

So what are the best apples for baking a cake? Bon Appetit magazine says the best apples for baking are Jonagold, Honeycrisp, Braeburn, Mutsu, Winesap, and Pink Lady (Cripps Pink). They also use Granny Smith apples often because they have a tart flavor that balances out sweetness well. The Kitchen cooking show prefers Granny Smith apples for their tartness and firm texture, but Jonathan or Jonagold apples are also good choices. Cortland apples are another good option because they hold their shape well during baking and have a delicate sweetness. Braeburn apples are another good choice because they have a complex flavor that compliments most cakes nicely. And finally, Honeycrisp apples are perfect for baked goods because they retain their crunchiness even when cooked thoroughly.

So there you have it! These are all great options for the best apple to bake a cake with. Choose one based on your personal preference and what will pair well with your particular recipe.

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